Do Women like a Lot of Cum? Increase Your Ejaculate Naturally

Do Women like a Lot of Cum? Increase Your Ejaculate Naturally

The most debatable question related to sex is, ‘Does Size Matters?’ There are many who think it does for an equal number who think it does not.

Another often raised question is,” Do women like a lot of cum?”

This is much more easier to answer specially when most of the women think a larger volume of cum to be a symbol of male fertility and vigor.


“Do women like a lot of cum?” and the answer is YES!

Most women regard a larger amount of cum as your symbol of virility. Just like a hairy chest or a deep voice, women see the large load of cum as part of the top male inventory.

Somethings just never change. Just like deep inside most men prefer bigger breasts, women see a larger load of ejaculate as a symbol of your manhood and sexual power.

This drives us to the next question,’How to increase your ejaculate so that you can   that you can shoot a bigger load of cum?’

Though diet helps, it is natural semen enhancers that can help you enhance your semen production by as much as 500% over a period of few months.

One of the most effective and powerful natural semen supplements is Performer5.

It is a powerful semen enhancer that is packed with all the ingredients including minerals, vitamins, amino acids and herbs that your body needs to produce more semen. It can make you shoot up to 5 times more semen within a matter of months.

Other benefits include harder and stiffer erections each and every time along with the ability to hold on for longer. Over a couple of months, it can help increase your ejaculatory power so that you can last much longer in bed.

Though there are many semen enhancers available online, it is only Performer5 that comes as a dual ejaculation system. It comes with Vit5 which is a supplement loaded with minerals, vitamins and nutrients that are required by your body to make it produce more semen.

This is one supplement that contains age proven sexual stimulants and can take care of all your ejaculatory concerns. Not just this, it is also recommended by doctors. It is not surprising that thousands of men have used this supplement over the past decade to improve their performance in bed, not just to impress upon their women but also to enjoy earth shattering orgasms themselves.


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