How to Get Stronger Orgasms- Tips for Men

How to Get Stronger Orgasms- Tips for Men

Various surveys and studies point out that most men are not happy with the amount of semen they ejaculate. Most of them would like to have stronger orgasms and increase the amount of semen they shoot on ejaculation. Moreover, most guys dream of spurting out semen with greater force.

The best method to ensure that you shoot your load to a greater distance and enjoy more intense orgasms is KEGELS.

Kegels are the exercises that can help strengthen your PC muscle which not only helps you shoot your semen with greater force but also helps you last longer in bed. It is the most effective solution to premature ejaculation.

How to Perform Kegels

Kegel is done whenever and wherever a man is comfortable with–in his office, before bed time, or during a phone call. But it is essential to locate his PC muscle first before proceeding.

PC is the muscle used when stopping urination, so it is advised that during normal peeing, one should momentarily stop the flow of urine and feel the muscle he used. After several days of repeating the locating process, you can identify the muscle correctly and realize your power over it.

Another way of locating PC is by moving the erected penis upward and downward. If one can move up his genital even to a few heights, it means he has already tightened the penis muscle.

After locating the PC muscle, one can start squeezing it very hard for 3 to 5 seconds and relax it for another 5 seconds. First time doers can check their baseline by counting the times they have squeezed the muscle before getting tired.

This set can be done for at least two weeks. After figuring out the baseline and doing the basic exercises, one can have a more improved set by performing repetitions. He may start with 5 repetitions (reps) of squeezing, holding, and releasing.

Ideally, practicing Kegel should be at least three to four times per day. After several weeks of continuous practice, one is advised to gradually increase his reps to 10 sets with 10 counts of squeezing. Of course, everybody is different from another so it is unlikely for first timers to do this at once.

Also, it is recommended to perform the exercises in varying speed and intensity. For example, you can experiment on the longevity of his squeezing along with the rapid switch from squeeze to release. But there is no point in pushing oneself, so each one is advised to perform Kegel in the most comfortable speed and manner for him.

Once comfortable with the exercises, you can perform them while masturbating or even while having sex. The exercises are ideal during foreplay, before an orgasm, and while having an orgasmic state. You should aim to move, jerk, or lift his penis without touching it and he can take notice of a pleasurable sensation.

Other Orgasmic Solutions

Apart from exercises described above, you can use natural semen enhancers that can help increase semen volume as well as help you last longer in bed. A greater volume of semen requires stronger contractions to release it on ejaculation. These stronger contractions help intensify pleasure on ejaculation.

This is why semen enhancers have become a hit among men trying to intensify their orgasms.

Though there is no dearth of semen pills, nothing can really match up the the benefits of Performer5.

It is a power pack of all the nutrients including herbs, minerals, vitamins and amino acids that can make you shoot up to 5 times more semen with greater force and pressure within a few weeks. It comprises of all natural ingredients that not only ensure earth shattering orgasms but also helps you get harder and longer lasting erections.

What makes it unique is that it is a dial combination of Performer5 and Vit5. Vit5 is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins that are needed by your body to make your produce more semen. Over a few months, it helps build your body’s reserves so that it can produce thicker and healthier semen.

When used for a couple of months, it can also help you get over premature ejaculation so that you can last for hours in bed.

Since it is made with clinically proven ingredients, it is safe and free of side effects too. It has been in the market for a couple of years and  thousands of men have been able to turn around their sex lives with this all natural semen enhancer.

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