Semen Composition: The Composition Of Human Semen

Semen Composition: The Composition Of Human Semen

Semen is the viscous liquid that contains spermatozoa or male reproductive cells. It is secreted by the male sexual glands. It is ejaculated through the penis and the main function of this semen is to fertilize the female ova for reproduction.

The seminal vesicles and the prostrate gland are the accessory male reproductive organs, and they secrete the fluid called seminal plasma of which the semen is composed. The texture and cohesion are contributed by the bulburethral organs in the form of small amounts of viscous mucus.

The seminal plasma serves a dual purpose – protection of the spermatozoa during their journey across the length of the female reproductive tract, and to feed it during this while.

The composition of the vagina is fairly acidic, so much that the spermatozoa would find survival difficult. Besides this, the immune system also views the sperm as foreign bodies and their attack can destroy the sperm. Nature has provided protection in the form of basic amines as a counter to the acidity of the vagina, and to thus protect the DNA inside the sperm from being destroyed thus.

The final function of the semen is to reduce the viscosity of the vaginal canal by providing the spermatozoa a solution to swim through. The mucus and texturizing proteins also prevent the sperm from diffusing out of the semen while traversing the canal.

The quality and quantity of semen you produced is influenced by a whole lot of factors such as your diet, physical activity and other lifestyle issues such as smoking drinking alcohol etc.,

Most men desire to be able to produce a larger volume of semen and this is not just to boost their fertility but also because a larger volume of semen can enhance sexual pleasure on ejaculation.

For this purpose you must have foods that are rich in zinc and other minerals such as selenium, magnesium etc.,

Moreover, your diet should also be rich in vitamins like C, E and B12

Over and above, there are some natural semen enhancers that can help enhance your semen volume as well as sperm count.

These natural semen enhancers are packed with herbs and other nutrients that can help increase your semen production immensely.

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